Ariana Grande

This Is Not a Feminist Song (feat. SNL)

Ariana Grande
The world, it needs an anthem
For all of womankind
The song to fight, the song to right
The wrongs of all of time
So we put pen to paper
And wrote all through the night
A gorgeous ode to feminism
Well within our sights
But this is pretty nuanced stuff
And putting it all in one song was tough
And that's why

This is not a feminist song
We tried real hard, but it took too long
This is not a feminist song
Cause we were scared we would do it wrong
We know women need an anthem
A song to call their own
But we didn't write that anthem
We went home
Every woman has a struggle
And every struggle's real
But just try and write a song that captures
Every woman's deal
Here's us running in the sand
And here's a bunch of lens flares
And an old woman's hands
Not to call a woman old
Or judge a woman's hands
We know a woman shouldn't be
Reduced to just her hands
We stepped right into that trap
It's so hard to navigate this crap
And that's why

This is not a feminist song
So technically it can't be wrong
This is not a feminist song
I feel like we've been singing so long
Our ancestors, they fought for us
So they deserve a song
But this is not that song
So move along
Now here's some powerful footage
For a song we did not write
It's malala, maya angelou
And madeleine albright
And rbg, she taught me
That women can be strong
And that women have the right to choose
To bail on this whole song, oh, yeah

And that's why
This is not a feminist song
We're just women singing a song
But doesn't that make it a feminist song?
I guess this was feminist all along
This is a feminist song
Tweet it, hashtag #feministsong

Where are the men in this feminist song?

An excellent point, now move along
Cause now it's time for you at home
To weigh in on this song
And tell us if we handled it all wrong
This is a tough and tricky landmine of a song