Ariana Grande

What Will My Scandal Be

Ariana Grande
They'll say "she's a hot mess" or "what a disgrace"
They'll say "is that botox in her butt or in her face"
"That tweet about the juice was in really poor taste"
Oh, what will my scandal be?

Maybe I'll throw a fit in an LA hotel
I'll make life for the stuff, a true living hell
I'll puke in the pool or pimp slap a dam - oh shit
So what will my scandal be?

Ariana! I was just in your dressing room smelling all your clothes
And you just left your cell phone out, girl. You should be careful.
You know, someone could hack and just post everything on the Internet
Oh my God, that would be amazing!
No, no, no
When I was a little girl, my momma told me
That I'd grow up and make millions of strangers mad at me
And now it's finally happening thank you!

Maybe diet pills will scramble my brain
Or light up in first class and get kicked off a plane
Maybe I'll have a love child with Drake or 2 Chainz
What will my scandal be?

Hey, Ariana! I overheard! Do you like wanna smoke some pot or something?
Pot? Let's smoke some crack, man!
I'm good!

Imagine what they'll say
Imagine what they'll write
I could have slip a nip at the Superbowl
And ruin my career overnight

I'll have my own scandal
I'll carry on scandal