[In medias res: ... a chilling,dark blue-toned vision,which is actually a strong picture of a strange cruxifiction. Night is embraced by magickal aura, words fly through the air:]
["Fullmoon's light dancing on the hillside,]
[Where a tiny crowd marching so noisy and swarming like a beehive,]
[Going up to stand a third in between two crosses.]
[There's one dragger among them, whom will be surely crucified..."]

[But the text is a "bit" different...]

Ancient room- moist and dark
Yellow, timeless mildew on the walls.
In the centre a chair I sit
With countless eyes overlaid,
Immense Eyes:(Numbers)
(It) hurts.

In a place foreign
(Where foreignity I feel not)
These eyes urged to watch me

when you' re pushed under water, and you know you have not enough air:

"Lungs adhered, nervepanic
So grotesque"
Through craft unseen
Staring fixed with no eyelids,
Just sitting in the wall
So large are they like human...


As warmth fills my heart, a fever begins crawling,
Swelling slowly away in my shape,
Getting closer to my head,
To have it squashed.

The presence of fibrail engrams in gyrus:

Green hand-seems mucous
A tongue, in this palm's middle
Kisses one huge eye
Lick through with pleasure
Lick through with joy
Tastes good...

Gazing hundreds of eyes
Piercing, bursting me
I can not hide, I'm lame, I think.
Nausea, Fever, Vacuum in the head
Yell- a parched throath
Tranquil cold,
I shiver, (it) hurts.

"Circumdederunt me gemitus mortis:
Dolores inferni, circumdederunt me.
Non omnis moriar."