Burning New Inferno

Deep under this sick Earth or anywhere
Locked up in purity and rest
Under seven padlocks which are guarded by
Seven Seven Seven Seals...
Gates are closed not showing the Fire
The consuming flame of Mistycism
HE wants us all
They laugh-we cry
Bathing in desire and torment

Cowards praying for salvation
Valiants waiting rigidly
For the coming Death
And we.....
If everyone could know the truth

It burns us, sulphur runs into our lungs
It's not the end, nor the apocalypse
How naive we believed in...
And how many we were...
We saw billions screaming
Cowardly crawlers-crawlers
Weteyed fleshcolumns columns
Maybe thus it was good, maybe not...

The biblical fear will will come
As a scornful and lustful shade
The torch of blindness will come
Scorches our inner selves
Also the great Laugher will come
The Master of credulousness

And together with Him will
The Burning New Inferno come
And cover us with his strange
Veil of Oblivion