Campana Funebris (Somno Solvitur)

[The words for this song is seem to be typical, and like using old cliches, but I tried to use these "banalities" from a different aspect.The atmosphere of the song paints a dark and mesmerizing vision of a self-funeral. As people marching in the cemetery... Marching with the coffin... Marching to the open tomb...]

Disfigured crowds by anguish and emptiness
Standing around a mourning-embraced, wet, sable coffin:
And crying together with the sombre sky.

I hear their loud cries:
Trying to make me feel embittered
(without knowing it)
I want to sleep
I hear the desperate and conclusive words of the priest:
They bother me...


I feel the cold Slumber's sigh
As I dive into my abyssmal Dream
At last I hear the pulsating sound
Of the old, eroded Deathbells:

Campana Funebris
Somno Solvitur


Land so soaked
Full of mud and flowers
A steaming sculpture in the rain
Unknown, new feelings in the Aenima
Stranger to a World Foreign