Cum Iam Moriendi Tempus Urgeret

The child of Evil and Death I am,
My mask is a frozen mortal smile,
Empty Abyss, this torturing hunger
Deep inside, killing pleasure.

Thirsting after blood to quench the beast,
The human beings are my slaves.
I will be their god instead of their god,
I destroy them alive, if I feel like it.

Humbly I stretch my blood-washed hand
To serve Him forever and stand
As a faithful Daemon by his throne
Surrounded with filth and human bone.

It was a long time ago...
When I sold my soul
For the black Lord!

Let me see your Infernal domination,
Show me the true way of purified blood!
Let me burn in your paradise,
Open the gates,
The Chaos shall arise again
From its nameless grave!

The children are screaming in pain,
There is no god to rescue them
From the merciless vengeance of Hell
He can't help and he won't.
You all deserved to suffer,
Last judgement.