From Soul To Daemon

[With this text I wanted to show what could possibly happen to a soul of Will and Craft after the so called: "death".The strange aura and the metaphores give a special taste to this song. For me this is a sublime part of a cosmic puzzle, a precursor outside the border.]

Shapeless energy and emotions concentrated
In which Consciousness and Will remained
In which the man was long since perished
What we call in human language: "soul"

Ghosts melt in the Great Howl
Light bleeds from the orbits
Visions break-born in Fulfilment
The Will of Higher Power manifests in Today

I want nothing else
(just become) from Soul to Daemon
To let my Dream breathe at last
(just become) from Soul to Daemon
Request of an orphan child
(just become) from Soul to Daemon

Rain falls upon the face of mankind
We are: Scream. Shades. Death.
From an out-burnt soul...
Turn to Daemon of the Animal

In a scorching Drop everything blends,
Which ached,
Which weep was,
Which was only mope disappointment...

Which made me human at one time.