Melancholy Sadness

I am standing in the garden of grief
In my solitude, I sit under the tree of
Once I was a gardener
I bedded some seeds,
The seeds of hope, I cherished with my tears.
They became beautiful trees, but terrifying
And huge shadow-keepers of Edenic savageness.
Now with an empty soul
I'm sitting under the tree's shade
And yearning for...
The Autumn blaze.
I see It, hissing the song of Autumn
Trying to allure me, with her glittering eyes.
The empty-dead soul I have
Now painfully disappeared.
The dreams are my hopes
Sadness is my friend...

The Dawn of Destiny is near
I die without a hope under gray shadows...
I see a dancing angel
Who stirs the wind with her wings,
She is twisting like a serpent
And her touch is like cold spittle!
Withered Angel!
Withered Angel!
Angel! - I close my eyes...
Angel! - I sacrifice...
Angel! - I will die...
Withered Angel!!