Mortis Hominum Salvator

In my dream I saw dead landscape
Where a Sable Angel stood among the lambs

From the blind flock
Rose the oldest One
And spoke to the fearful angel
Who had come from sky

Hardly I could hear their words
But clearly I understood only the end...

The Ancient Lamb:
"One with the flock - one with me
I and my sinful brothers have been
Waiting since our Father was crucified
On the hill of Golgotha
Bring us light - the promised land
Where faithful souls don't have any End
Godsent saviour, hear my words...
Cleanse our guilthy souls!"

The Sable Angel:
"Your request is a pleasure for me
Just pray and kneel before me"

One of the eyeless flock:
"But our holy lord, why do you need
That sacred scythe?"

The Sable Angel:
"Because - my sweet children- Sine Sanguinis
Effusione Non Fit Redemptio..."

And than I saw how the Death danced
With open wings so gracefully
Resolutely he spread the Seeds
Of macabre dreams...
Corpse on corpse
Their blood is like a scarlet brook
The scythe, as a brush, painted
A beautiful picture on the dead meadow
Colouring the lifeless Nature
On that miraculous night
When the pale moon died