Somnus Mortis Imago


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Whisper of Moth-wings
I see walls sweating blood
Mirror in Mirror
Virgin girl and Corvus corax
Daemons drawn by one line
The chopped-off hands of Durer blossom
Jesusface as negative
Forest of empty beds
A man falls on his knees, with a barrel of a gun under his chin
Neuroses bloom in Evanescene
The haemorrage of Sun on retinae
Hanged man on the apple tree
Feathers falling outside the Circle
The touch of Serpent's skin,while it's sliding out from the warm vagina

(a hallucination without any sense, an imitation of an apparition: "I walk among the crowd as wolf among sheep.Grotesque little beings appeare before me, pointing at a "hole" in the air. A black hole, like a paper burst through, floating in two dimension between earth and Nothing.This strange rent::the origin of Ethereal Equilibrium.)

Body flayed, skin deprived
Just breathing Flesh, Tendon, Bone
My infinite blood dyes the white crowd of the Ziplipped
I touch them