Giant Squid

Rubicon Wall (Acipenser Transmontanus)

Giant Squid
I chose this place because it has no bottom to interfere with my fall
Anaerobic beds of silt preserving still the shock of what I saw
Vivid descriptions I'd do anything to forget
But here I am crushed by a million frigid tons of regret

I will rest in one piece away from clawed things that otherwise would eat all that's left of me

The world is not ready for what I saw down there

That fateful day starting an endless autumn, words did seer my pupils
Liquid acrylic quickly will freeze a broken will in water heavy as tar
Somebody please take me above the deep where I can carry the weight
Of this burden you left for me to bare in frigid waters high above my head
Surrounded by all the dead frozen like me in the salt less sea

You can pay your respects at the shore now
Goodbye, my love...