Goat Of Mendes

The Shaman

Goat Of Mendes
Strapped tight
To earth, fire, wind and rain
About to
Start my journey
My mortal frame remains

I am the Shaman
I cross the boundaries of Death
But I will return
A Shaman's Song
Of agony and ecstasy
For wisdom I yearn
Bound tightly and helpless to the Arbor
The Tree of Woe in the focus of elemental might
The creatures of Earth gorge themselves on this body
Fiery rays of the sun, rain and storm clear the mind
Ancient wisdom lasts eternal
I roam the planes up high and below
I will live and die forever
I will go where no one goes
My heart will steadily beat the rhythm
Of lives past and lives to come
Universal knowledge gathered
Until all else is said and done

To where I go you can't follow
Your spirit is bound to remain
But when I return from my journey
As a healer I will ease your pain
And visions
Subdue my pain
A gateway
Of white light
Is opening again


Behold the stars shining pale and brightly
Gleaming in silence like the Earth Mothers tears
Stigmata of light on a pitch black horizon
As a beacon to the Healer's return
Still the tree stands erect as Autumn's leaves are falling
Flakes of snow are swirling from the lowering sky
Witness the Gods in the dance of the flames
Nothing comes to an end when you die