Goat Semen

Goat Semen

Goat Semen
Lust of evil
Delight of death
Unpure orgasm
The first sabbath

Wake the demons
...at the shores of the underworld!

Disgusting lards take earthly form
Seed of our race burning in flames
Thou unseen lord since ages ago
Strengthen our might with hate!

Born slave for the death for the pain and god`s hate
Born for sin, might and pride ...Satan lust!

Cursed ones...! Chosen ones...!

Snakes on earth!!
As released the souls
Upon altars I hear the howls
Close is the triumph of darkness
Hear the angels... Cry!

Remind, Cain`s child!
Your race! Cursed by god!
Let Your blood! Spill the hate!
Like storms! Sent from hell!
Prophets and messiahs! Rot away!
Possessed souls! By black sperm!

Feel the might of death as we spread like a plague!!!