Golgothian Denial

Hatred Deified

Golgothian Denial
It's not a part of me: what you're seeking
Evil in rotted hearts.
You create a man of clay
Instill in him all your lies.
And then you set him before your king,
And plead for recompense.
Consider the thoughts in mind where is the love?
For the Christian god there is a sword. You know no more.
"Into Hell I sentence thee until the end of time."
For those who judge, (and know) not themselves,
Their hatred is deified.
You prop him up with your thoughts.
No reality.
What you despise must be wrong.
Privileged right.
You know the book. You've heard the word.
God is with thee.
You are lost in a void
Of ignorance.

What have you done with your faith?
You believe in naught.
You believe in your Self.
What have you done with your peace?
You wage a war
Of the soul.
What you you done with your prayer?
You serve yourself
And ease your mind.
What have you done with the truth?