Gravy Train

Burger Baby

Gravy Train
Every time a hamburger looks into my eyes
I forget all of my sadness and the Happy Meal prize
Cuz I'm a starving motherfucker who wants much bigger thighs
Get so horny when a onion ring gets fucked by a fry

What can I do? I love you, I'd hump you, it's cool
I just don't care what they say (BURGER BABY)
Know what I'll do, I love you, I'll hump you, it's cool
And we'll be happy that way (BURGER BABY)

I'm the kinda lady who will get down and spread
Spray that shit all over me till Carl Junior is dead
Uh, the ketchup that is-just paint my space titties red
And grab a condom so your condiments don't spill on the bed

Weepin' like a bitch one night I just couldn't stand it
Knocked up with a burger baby and I just hadn't planned it
Called up Smokehouse for cash, they said, "We don't understand it!"

What can I do? Can't kill you, I love you, I do
I'll just raise you up as my son (BURGER BABY)
Know what I'll do, won't kill you, I love you, I do
And you'll be my only one (BURGER BABY)