Hades Archer

Daughter of Perversion

Hades Archer
Dirty witch, damned girl
Your ritual of initiation
Brings the phantom of aberration
Horned queen, virgin sin
Black masses celebration
The shadow of your violations
Damned witch, exploited teen
To young age over the altar
Daughter of perversion
Screams of grief, innocent bitch
Remember of the first bleeding
The beast glorification

You the daughter of Satan
In the land spread vengeance
Captive of his passion
Great whore manifestation
The coven sends the orders
The blackened arts your vice
Since girl you see the malice
Now brand the men to die…

Mistress of the pleasures
Call the sons of sin
Enlight the torch of demon
Celebrate his arrives
Mystic transmigration
Passage into the darkness
Recite the voice of Wicca
The extasis in sorcery lives…
Circles of traditions
The people don't inform
Stronger ancient religion
Macbeth across the time
Your feelings are part of nature
Otorgates your eternal life
Lurk into the silence
No final words to die…