Hades Archer

Hades Archer

Hades Archer
Ancient infernal warrior
Rise from hell
Summon thy fiery lust
Avoided by the sons of faith
Cut the head of Gorgon
Spill it into the reign
Her serpent's poison rivers
Intoxicate the earth

(First Chorus)
Stronger Hades Archer
Let the fire in earth
Rape the corpse of Christ
And burn his septic pieces in flames…
Show the way of sinners
Root out the crusts of sephirots
Let them adore the golden calf
Their voices destroy the land
Shoot out arrows of violence
Fire that feeds all nations
Cadavers fill he cauldrons
Attractive captives of death

(Second Chorus)
Fallen virtual angel
Awaits their name in hell
Asphyxiate this punished world
His purple layer over the throne of blasphemies…

High over the hill of the skulls watch your domains
Realm of disaster when the men will reign in disgrace
The skelet in the cross won't save you from perdition
The steps of wars in time will crush this in the ground…
Enyoing with their final orgies until to rest in hell
Laughing proudly by the misery of crucifix falled
Lucifer is king, ascending fro the dark pits in the Doomsday…

(First Chorus)
(Second Chorus)