Halcyon Way

Building The Towers

Halcyon Way
Slave to your pride are not much to your shame
Your evidence of treason for years has been insane
Once you set your hands to it, you could not be denied
No longer will our will stay down deep inside

No longer can it be
The lip service, the pandering
Tell me what I want to hear
It goes out the other ear

Brick by brick and stone by stone
Man will try to reach the throne
What once was now is nevermore
The hand of God hast shut the door
Building bricks of straw and clay
Snow-blind fools will rule the day
You climb in pride but fall in shame
The fist of God will smite thy name, smite thy name

Dark as the midnight hour, our future looks so bleak
Write these words upon your heart, forever they shall keep
What a man sows with his hands, so shall he also reap
Revolution speaks to you: the mind, the soul, the feat

We laid down our arms and raised flag
Of purest white and armistice
Into the abyss we will be dragged
We never thought it'd come to this