Halcyon Way


Halcyon Way
If the roles were reversed
Could you take a walk in my shoes?
They're resting on eggshells
And i've got so much to lose
If i gave voice to those terms
When i conveyed my mind
Or i said what i was thinking
I'd be destroyed or ostracized

Fear of offense
Fear of ruin
Fear of violence
Fear of the end

Turn the tables on me
Turn the tables on you
Everyone's inside out
Change the rules of the game
Play the game, level the blame
Inversion of all you know
Inversion of all you know

An olive branch held our for appeasement
Taken along with our hand
A gun to the head of logic
Reason already shot out back
An elegant source of irony
The poetry of the newly damned
Dropping the lamp at the golden door
Undermining all for which we stand