Real Thugs

[Intro: Half-A-Mill]
Yea, Mill Gates, yea, uh huh, (Real Thugs)
Right, right, uh huh, to my gangstas (Half-A-Mill)
to my hustlers, y'all know, to my murderous

[Verse 1]
uh, yea
I tot 9 millimeter, smoke a lot of reefer
Sell phone don't got a beeper
Tell 'em hoes "slow your blow bitch!"
Better learn how to keep up
I feel ki's up, get G's up
Empty M-3 try to stick me up
Niggaz Envious me in the Bentley
Oh now you wanna hit me up
Send pot of girls to set me up
Sex me up, then Tec me up
Get put to rest by a slob
I put shots in her gut
Then my cock in her butt
After she die then I bust a nut
I'mma gangsta and I'mma hustler
I rose put that chocolate up
My clique shots shit up
And we shot shit up
We vow to not give up
Got a join like dalla got lots of bucks and hottest trucks
Ak's, grenades, those things that fire you up
Mothafucka are you ridin or what?

[Chorus: Half-A-Mill]
Real Thugs is ridin tonight (Real Thugs, Real Thugs)
Smokin lye gettin high tonight (Gettin high, gettin high)
Real Thugs is riding tonight (Real Thugs, Real Thugs)
Somebody is gon' die tonight (Gon' die, gon' die)

[Verse 2]
Observe bikes from the turn pipes
your livin that murder life
we neva hear of Christ observe the ice
servin 'em flippin 'em them burns or white, right?
Livin it, gettin it, spittin it, hittin it, womens that's virigin tight
Vertical types, swervin through lights
Hype, gucci frames observin the ice
Runnin your crib wit the oozy aim
Snatch the skirt off your wife
You hollerin please don't shoot me take all my merchandise
Right, crime for your life, but little do you know
Your gon' be dyin tonight, 20 bricks of china white
I'm lightin that dynamite, diamond heist, a mil to jewels
I got a lot of shine tonight
Real Thugs deal drugs, spill blood, thats how we ridin tonight

[Chorus: Half-A-Mill]
Real Thugs is ridin tonight
Smokin lye gettin high tonight
Real Thugs is riding tonight
Somebody is gon' die tonight

[Verse 3]
200 and 3, boats sellin 'round the seas
Still got pounds in the peas
Staffin g's, snatchin cheese
While you snatch patch of of these
Sleepin on pissy mattress, I got a water bed
Bitches do back flips give me head in my bathroom
Its sick, if peter rocks tall, check ya emails
Smoke L while you takin a shit
Rock til I die, rappin and shit
Took dirty money and made it legit
Ya'll niggaz hate I'm escapin the six
Mill Gates, play wit the rich
Model hoes wanna play wit the dick
4-4, if you play wit my chips
Waitin on 'em bricks, we slingin on strips
Sit back pourin Cris
niggaz talk about what they wanna shit
Dawg I got all that on my wrist
Real life thug flossin and shit

[Chorus: Half-A-Mill] **repeat 2X**
Real Thugs is ridin tonight
Smokin lye gettin high tonight
Real Thugs is riding tonight
Somebody is gon' die tonight