Templates For All

Far from the teenage
Still want to be unique
But there are no options at all

And since we are born
They try determinate
What is your place and your goal

But I'll do my best just not to fall
Don't wanna be someone's mindless doll
Keep things in the places they should be
Don't even try to stop me

Rise up and leave all your doubts behind
Tear down the screenplay they're trying to write
Most precious treasure is your own soul
But they have templates for us all
(For us all)

Find yourself a job
Not the one you really like
(Job you don't like)

Find yourself a person
Not the one you really love
(Person you don't love)

It's not the way we all must follow
And fight your horrors
Listen to me

No more templates for us all

What is your place and your goal?