Happiest Lion

Harvester, Golden Gowns Of Glee

Happiest Lion
Isn't it like them to perceive
The dullest, dark colours in a cornucopia of leaves?
We was dancing 'round the hills
In our autumnal feast
We was dressed in scarlet foliage
When summer had been bereaved

If the winter seems barren
And the solstice makes you feel alone
If the water from the creek don't satisfy anymore
There is a burrow in my chest
There's a home for your happiness
And when the harvest moon comes back
We'll weave our golden gowns again

There's a fire in the valley just be there 'round seven
We'll figure out what needs to be burned
But I just want your company
There ain't nothin cold as ice when you've
Come accomodated to heat
But we've warmth in our bodies
We've a steady 90-something degrees

Bring your king of hearts, your throne, your
Bring your keys, your cups, your coat, your
Bring your canons, bring your gold, your
Bring your mares, bath stone, marrow,
Bring your wicker rocker, ram's horn,
Bring your 'bacco, books, your hound, your