Happiest Lion

Key To Your Kingdom

Happiest Lion
Lay her in the river, brother, I know
She took your coat, she slit your throat
I know it
Wild water overtake her, keep hold
She knew her grief, go give her piece
Speak good things

Key to your kingdom, brother, who knew
You'd loved her more than
She ever could've loved you
Some old truth
Why'd you always talk about your clean past?
There's none of that, and good things don't last
Don't say that

Run to where your devil couldn't catch you alive
Make him twist your scripture if he finds you alright
Take him by the tail if he don't teach you to die
Why'd you run to matrimony, God knows
That ring grew tight in the absence of entitled divine
Your witness

You common denominator, stayed put
While she multiplied
And numerator weighed you down right
And you liked it
Lucifer was cast when he forgot how to fly
She had never learned but you'd insisted she try
She went and clipped yours and called you all the time