Happiest Lion

Lo, In The Leaves

Happiest Lion
Simple little fear, I felt it
But lo, in the leaves, ain't no hint of home
The sun will resign, say moonlight
Will you be a brother and lead me to the lake?
I've got to wash that sin away
Well my blood ain't right
I'm boiling
And my pores don't cry for no reason

Well I was sleeping in the mud,
Where I came from
When the dirt became a river and carried me away
And it felt so natural, my bloodline
We die like animals but we've got graves
Someone's got to mourn what goes away
So evergreen, will you cry for me?
I am washed up 'neath your needle boughs

I burst, my chest ablaze with light
I hate you, oh you know I do
But I wanted to go like you
Solemn 'neath the cruel moon
Stars you've seen us fall like flies