Happiest Lion

Marigold, Love Is a Lie

Happiest Lion
Reverend's son found me in the alleyway downtown
Old book of matches and dove in the dirt
He punched me in the back of my head
I cried into my knees, bloodied hands
And he held my coat and we walked back home

Marigold, love is a lie
Well I was out waiting by I-45
You taught me how to hide from real life
I never took you for the teaching type
Lover I guess you were afraid
But you left me heavy when you wept and went away

When I held your heart, girl I swear I saw it glow in the dark
But hell, you were cruel
Reverend found a break in the day
Where he could run to see his mother's grave
He was hell to console, but I'd said it wasn't trouble at all
And he said he'd trade me wisdom of God for a second soul

Life, you are a bottle of wine
I could take you out on a bad night
Subtle hint of malice and regretting eye
So sweet on the tip of my tongue
I heard you haven't been well these days
Just meet me on 2nd at 8 and we'll drink to pain