Happiest Lion

Sacred Valley, Holy Water

Happiest Lion
Mend my broke bones, holy water
Levi was the better man
He loved me like a brother and he shook my hand
And he jabs like a hero

Wandering pan man
Where's your mama?
I've followed your tracks from the barley stacks
And ever since we hit the brook
I've known you're heading back
But they don't want you back

Hat full of ashes and a pail full of fool's gold
Clear my conscience, desperate measures
If I'd been a crook, hell I can't recall
'Cause I'd repented from my knees
And was baptized and all
And that spirit shot through me

I went under at the bridge by the west road
I speak in tongues through your east bay window
Sacred valley, speak your riddle
I read it in your hills at the twilight fade
And now I think I've got an answer from a motel maid
Your puzzle spells "no hable"