Harlem Shakes


Harlem Shakes
You say all these baggers are just sleight of the hand
I can blow them once they'd scatter like sand
And you treat me like some young Italian
Kissing napes of necks while I steal medallions
Crash my moped into your fence
and leave all your lawn to crawl in your vents
Just to watch you sit there watchin some TV

I'm a real charmer for sex acts
I can have it here in this vent
I'll be your ex-lover
Your sister, your brother to torrment

You got me so easy
You got me so hard
Your life is like museums
My life you're just art

Oh baby come caress me
So I won't turn blind
Now I'd sell you for some dumb luck
And a dime-filled jar

And when all my words fall by your feet
And you laugh at me while I dream in streets
would you still take two just to local color
But your purse won't hold your outfit together

Now you're bound to take the love that I found
And you peck at roots dug up from the ground
And I sit here freezin'
Feelin' up nothing

We can get drunk at the movies
We can get drunk in my room
I'll be your ex-lover
Your sister, the brother you'll bring doom

You got me so easy
You got me so hard
Your love is like surgery
My love is like scars

Oh baby on the red sea
We took him by fire
Now I'd sell you for a raincoat
Before a fight

They'll knock you out now don't you let them
Reaching your mouth taking your tears
Now carpetbaggers don't you let them
We love this life spent in tender youth