Ask a woman when you are broken
You make a choice to stay down or go and
Find something to bring you back
To get you right, get you right on track
I was chosen

He found me in the perfect moment
But my lover made them heights
So much dome to clear my skies
I don't think I can deny
He makes me feel wanted
Like no one has before

He don't want nothing from me
But to know my love's for sure
Hate to be you watching him love me
I'd hate to be you watching him touch me
Now I am blessed to have what I need
Nothing compares, he is all I see

When I loved you I didn't love me
You were this dark cloud hanging above me
Got all my girls like, "lani where'd you go?
You've begun to slip away into where, nobody knows"

I'm doing better
I brushed myself off, changed the weather
Like the sun you are so warm, and for once I feel adored
Oh I could not ask for more