Oh, it's you again
Your angel feathers and your bloodstains
I can disregard these flighty notions and your silly grin
This time what I stitch is mine
And what I mend is just a hand hold
Take notice it's the last time...
A better company - than being alone

Look what you're faced to find
You're gonna get it in your own sweet time
There's no easy way - you make mistakes
And pay that's just the way it's done
It's just a shock... I know you will feel it

Oh, it's here again
Shovel under the tight rope
It's not where the worries begin
But how you learn to leave it alone
No. It's not where the worries began

When it falls. When it comes down
... It makes you hollow
You might not... wanna be around
... It's just the way things are
When it shines. When it shines down...
... into the shadows
Everything lost get found
... it's enough to show you who you are

Stop thinking about something
That's nothing like the way things are
Truth has a motive
Regardless of what you want