Step Up (I'm On It)

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

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Too long and too little
Tell me when you gonna bring it on
Small fights and big stages
Never terrified enough to run

It's here and I can hear it
I can see it like a setting sun
This feeling I can take it
I take it in and then I move along

Low down or in the middle
Ain't enough to make me satisfied
It's all, all or nothing
Always starting on the highest high

You asked, so now you take it
I'll be gone before you hit your knees
Some things sting forever
Even if you never really bleed

All lined up and built for pressure
Step up... I'm on it
Say your peace like it's the end
Stand back... we're movin'
One more push and this is over
Stay down... you're done
Hallelujah brother come on in AMEN!