Queen Key

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You the devil?
Ay, ay, you the devil?
You a satanist, huh?
(Enviyon on the mix)
You - aha

Another evil bitch who just smile all the time
My mind run a mile a minute
I'm a child, infinite
I'm around the menace
When I'm around myself
Like I'm malnutrition, wrap around my belt
Gotta go, I'm gone
Ain't no strings attached
He texts ho to my phone, but I'm a queen, I'm black
They used to call me the devil, 'cause I'm mean, I'm crack
And that's crack as in drug, he fell in love with a hug
But fuck him though, I'm a thug
The heart you gave, I swept it under the rug (the rug)
He a bug
Yeah, these niggas insects
I got intellect for niggas who got interest
If you with the queen, bitch, then you with the best
Yeah, you with the blessed
I move differently

If he don't got no paper, then he don't fucking hear from me (hear from me)
Another evil bitch, who don't really give a fuck
You can't blame her, motherfucker, give it up
Taking what the world done gave me
Yeah, the world amaze me
How the fuck I'm a queen in a world of slavery?
Tryna stay low key, but the world would pay me
If I ask you who run it, then the world'll say me
I'm too wavy for waves
I'm too baby for baes
I'm too crazy to shell
I'm too busy to play
I was stacking, I was getting less than minimum wage
The same bitches, sneak dissing me, pretending her raise
So I ain't really into her rays
In the industry, but I ain't really into the maze

I'm just another evil bitch
Trying not to do some evil shit
I'm just another evil bitch (another evil bitch)
Trying not to do some evil shit (evil bitch)
Another evil bitch
Another evil bitch
Another evil bitch
Another evil bitch

Queen shit bitch