Immortal Blood Of Victory


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Immortal blood spills power and glory
Celebrating the victory´s pleasure
Blessing the enemy flesh
Thunderstorms bell the night

The day´s nevermore gonna come
Lunatic priests wait for divinity
Disciples are dead in cathedrals
Tomorrow will never exist

The saint wars dismembers bodies
Suffocation, blood spurting
Creation of a new human race
Souls are being hunted for angels in fury

The day´s nevermore gonna come
Lunatic priest
Disciples are dead in cathedralss wait for divinity
Tomorrow will never exist


Immortal blood of victory
Spill in my chest the pain, the fear
Immortal blood of victory
Religious accept my command

Life´s a sacred ritual of death
Incarnation of a sinister spirits
My sacred immortal blood of victory
Bathing the lambs until death

Repeat chorus