Bury Me


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Chained up, turning to stone
Chained down, rot on my own
Prisoner in my own lair
Claw my way up to the surface, breathe the air
I have waited, must have been years
To unlock all of these tears
Now it's here, it's just more pain
Rather be chained up in the ground again

Bury me now, bury me down - bury me
Bury me now, into the ground - burn me
Bury me now, bury me down - behead me
Bury me now, don't make a sound - scatter me

All of this i don't recall
This is not my life at all
All my dreams, realities, lies
Whole world turned to shit before my eyes
Look at me, what have you done?
Driven back, scarred by the sun
Now i know just what you meant
Another aeon in the earth is heaven sent