Ultimate Sacrifice

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Streets tonight, marvel at the sight
Local bars, flashy cars
Modern twenty-first century man
All alone, grab my car phone
Wait for the beep, and I'm glued to my seat
I must say I'm not impressed
Doesn't do much for me
It's all a lie
Doesn't do much for me
God, how I try
Doesn't do much for me
My life is mine
Doesn't do much for me
Look what I've found, our world's goin' down
Modern war, what's in store
Come on, I'm not like that
Corner offers, and I'd rather not bother
Media agrees, sex is free
It's not my way of life
Culture shock, stop the clock
Upper aids, razor blades
It doesn't appeal here
No life of sin, don't know where to begin
I'm not bad, yet so sad
Someone please point the way