The Challenge


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Challenge starts now
Through this endless death road
God's finger over our heads.
Clouds, dust and wind
Announcing what's to come.
It's early and city's still asleep while we are far away

We are all the same
No race, no religion.
We speak the same language.
(We feel the same emotion.)

Warm ground, clean water from the rocks
On the mountains we're small invaders through nature

Crossing all the borders
Searching for the triumph
Fight without looking at behind

Flowing power shaking heart
Partners going the same way
We're running out with strength and determined to never give up
The sky is not so clear, wind is not just a breeze
Thunder and lightning, magic turned black
And clouds just dance no more

The race started.
Wind in the face, pounding heart.
It's the beginning of a new life.
Yesterday doesn't exist anymore