Baby You Are

Uncle Sam

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I heard you when you cried
And gave a quiet sigh
You don't need another tear to fall
You don't need him at all
you don't know how much you mean
You mean the world to me
In my sky you are the star
Baby, baby, you are
Chorus: Baby you are my cinderella
Baby you are my love forever
You're the kind of girl I thought I'd never have
Baby you are my dream come true
And my happiness is you
You're a star, baby you are.

It's not easy on the heart
When a love has come and gone
But I'll help you dry your tears
And I'll nurse your broken heart
The funny thing about love
Is it can never be denied
So won't you let me be your anchor hold
And I'll guide you through the night
Bridge: And if you should ever fall
I will hold you strong and tall
You're a star baby, baby you are...
Chorus again to fade