The Summoning


  • Aumentar Fonte
  • Diminuir Fonte
Full moon on the rise
magick circles drawn
chimes of midnight strike
candles of babies' fat burn
with a fiendish glow

Lord of the South
my victims die in Your flames

felina negra to the 4th power
impalement through Geburah
a blood stained pentagram
upon the qlipotic altar

Lord of the East
grant me forbidden knowledge

chants from the ancient
Book of Black Earth
Book of the Worm
the Sleeping Lord stirreth

Lord of the North
together we gain the earth

on the entrails of the priest
Shub-Niggurath dines
Dark Lords of Chaos
are called from the Absu
now face the vengeance of

Lady of the West
beautiful Babylonian bliss

on broken bones
your shredded flesh hangs
putrid smell of burning flesh
the paradise of pain..
...beyond your worst
infinite nightmare!