Days Of Sadness

Uncovered Noise

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Black clouds in the crimson sky
Behind the gate for us to see
Them to know who there is
Beyond the red gorge of nothingness

The earth is drowning in a black sea
Of mystical stars and sombre poetry
Mortal desires and darkened believes
Days of sadness and their withered leafs

Horses of gloom escaped from the light
Rose like a phoenix from the void
Bloting out hesitating dreams of love
Returning to the gate where emperor´s awaiting

Großzwischenteil: in tears i trust, with burning eyes i stare

Since these days the sound of the violin ceased
The cheerful creatures became unpleased
The dark clouds merged together
The tragedy took its disastrous cours

Kleinzwischenteil: and no one would ever find out what there is beyond the gate