Uncovered Noise

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Crawling on all fours on a sidewalk in an unknown town
Try to get up, but you can't, weakness holds you down
Pretend to be looking for something lost in the ground
Cause people stare at you
This is a nightmare

Uniformed children dancing around you step on your hands
Cute little creatures with the features of your best friends
They try to stone you with marbles and chewing gum balls
You're to weak to get out of there
This is a nightmare

Climbing the stairs of a house that is rocked by a storm
Higher, higher, you're tired, you crawl like a worm
There's a roar in your ears, the wall disappears, you are jolted down
Still creeping to nowhere
This is a nightmare

Drag yourself through deserted streets under a dusty sun
Trying empty bars, flats, stores, one by one
Your brothers, your friends, all the others, where have they gone
Is anybody there
This is a nightmare