Rising Blackhearts / Crystal Coffin

Uncovered Noise

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Wintershadows of the past
illusions of a dying world
ceremonial hymns of the seven winds
like viking-tales descripe

Toxic rnoonfog, Throne of Ice
ridin' through the valley of emptiness
destruction sounds and raven claws
rising Blackhearts awake !

Twilight stars, seasons of frost
me and rny witch - cemetary wedding
ashes to ashes, dust to dust
rest in peace in the cradle of Death
Medieval crusade of the norse hordes
undead souls of blackwinged angels
bestial torture and inhuman pain mystic storrns will rise

The Crystal Coffin covered in blood
the blood of Mother Earth
ancient lands of untamed flames
don´t enthrone the king of immortality
Prayer of the seven deadly sins
awake the creatures from their sleep of death
the wind told me, the frozen ages come
the huge fire rises!