Six Conspirators

Uncovered Noise

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(while) steering the ship through the raging sea
Trying to reach terra firma
(all of a sudden) a blue glowing fog appeared
No hands to be seen in front of their face

Father malone´s journal:
"we six have met this night
From midnight until one we planned blake´s death
What a poor man
What a horror this murderous deed"

A light appeared - the shore seemed (to be) near
With the believe to be rescued
They steered towards the trap of rocks
With eyes opened wide (now) staring into (the) darkness (of the sea)

Father malone´s journal:
"midnight until one belongs to the dead
Good god deliver us - it is done
He followed our false light
(and) was engulfed by the stormy sea"

Something came out of the fog trying to kill us
And it might come again
I am the sixth conspirator
I am father malone

The fog dispersed as suddenly as it appeared
And never came back
But one day they will return
To seek the fire which led them to death

Father malone´s journal:
As if the fog was sent from heaven
But god surely didn´t support our crime
May god forgive us"

Father malone:
We honour murderers,
We honour murderers