The Journey Of a Black Nightingale

Uncovered Noise

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The Abyss the Moon and the bloodred sky
Lakes of black Water, tears of a nordie witch
Dark Tales , Wizard and undead light
Voices of fear beyond the holy woods
You see from high above the ,,Temple of truth"
And the guardians of doom
Blinded by the diamonds of the demonthrone

Pinse vi ar guds godhet (gequält durch die Güte Gottes)

Spread your wings and fly
Above the rotten world and i deny

During the seventh fullmoon in the LAND OF FROST
Holocaust storms , occult dreams
Frozen winds the infrnity of dead trees
And your female messiah called Talioth

En aapning i skogan hvor solen skinner
Ifort svarte kler ut fra morke