Devil In My Hand


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Who do you think that i am
That i could stand up here and spin it this way.
Pretentious about my life
As if it happened only yesterday

Passé i must seem to be,
But we're all hiding underneath
The black and lust, an ugly pink
A truth that you can never know.

Say it with conviction
Say it like you lived it.
But you know you can't, you never will
Because you don't have it in you.

The day people closing their eyes
And resting all their busy minds
I'm slipping into the fire
And imagine i'm really alive.

Harmless i must seem to be
Until i spread my faithless wings
And cover you with dirty things
You make yourself believe you need.

Angels on my left,
Devils on my right.
Crosses on the roadside.

Angel on my left
Devil in my hand
You're out of my life.

Say it with conviction
Say it like you mean it.
Give in to the feeling
Live like you were dying.
But you never can, but if you ever did
Don't you ever regret it.

Never regret it.