Undead Awake

Undead Killer

  • Aumentar Fonte
  • Diminuir Fonte
Hot winds of hell, arrive to the world
The evil hand take your soul, the death comes to life
The undead awake and take the world
Kingdom of doom, the nightmare comes true
The people falls in fear and the humans disappear
In the act!

Devastation and terror I see in my destiny
Holocaust in his name the evil Christ
Undead awake and take the world again
No mercy no more love
The only feeling available is the sorrow of the death

Undead awake!

Madness and frustration cause terror
The undead kill at all, nobody can be saved
The lives of all we take and turn the world
In a kingdom of sorrow and pain
The undead awake again with the power to change all!

Undead awake!

Run and save your ass if you can
The death is over you
The nightmare comes true
Your end is near

You cannot escape!
You cannot survive!
The undead is around you
The death is over you!

Fight like a beast!
Die like a fly!
No one can defeat me!
No one can destroy me!

Destroy your brain
With the metal power
Feel the evil
Be an evil!