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Hi life
We livin' that hi life
Hi life
We livin' that hi life
I'm tired livin' fucked up, tired of livin' bad
Tired of grandmama telling me
When you gonna go to church Chad
Now I'm tryin'' to live up to the image
That she would want me to be
But I got one foot in the street and every week I flip a Ki
I never wanted to be a G but Niggas depend on me
It ain't fake to hit a 10 so niggas fear wit me
And all the niggas that I went to school wit
Got cool wit, went to fool wit
I dealt selling that white shit
Pushing cocaine niggas holding pistols
Dependent on the game
What ya want me to do, it's like somebody cut my throat
Got $20,000 tryin' to turn it into a hundred, and ain't nobody got no dough
So niggas came to smoke, bad habits do exist
And this bitch thinking she can ease my mind by suckin' my dick
Bitch make up for a minute cause that ship never last
In 1996 niggas is dyin' from layin' on some ass
First Magic Johnson got it, then Easy-E died
And you be wonderin' why you niggas
Out there smokin'cri
I wish that I could tell y'aIl wore a rubber every time
But if I told you that nigga you know that I would be lyin'
And I been fuckin' pussy since the tender age of nine
It's gettin' to be a full-time job just tryin' to stay alive
And crack a scandalous smirk offended by the weed
Smoke comin' of my shirt
But I still put in work and front for my folks
Cuz where I come from nigga, family just ain't no joke
Now D be getting married and Edgar on the boat
But what about Baby Doe
Some say that nigga's sellin' dope
And you know I ain't lyin' that just how family talk
But what you gonna do when the devil poke you

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