G.O.D. (Guidance Of Disagree)

Undermine Enemies

  • Aumentar Fonte
  • Diminuir Fonte
All our knowlegde lead us to a past
Where myth creatures and stories rest
I'm sure I'm not the first and not even the last
To find out that we don't have the bless

G.O.D.! Can you explain why?
All these shits! survive for too much time
Inside me! I know how would you feel
If you see! That this is not so real

Are you feeling this?
This is blasfemy
Do you believe him?
Come with us to show all (how it mean/so you and me)

How could you
Use the people and make them fools?
using yours
lies as shots to kill the true
fucking words to turn they poors!

i am
the blank page
where you write your words
made of shit
Where you paint your world
made of shit
where you draw yourself
made of shit

you Should show to everyone
How all things are done
And show how make sense
Don't let you fall from grace
Our mission is gone
and let your life turn
in a better thing
For all the societies!

All this world that is mad of shit
All your faith that is made of shit