As it is Written

Unity Klan

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As it is written just picture
Where hip hop meets scriptures
Through Christ the words is life to all and that's the kicker
Spirits thinker from chapter to chapter as God speaks
Mysteries captured from heaven as man reads
And you can meditate and God's word penetrates
to keep your mind state from heading reprobate
like love and hate its a thin line from life and death
your last breath when you stand before the throne, your life's left
let there be Light and light was
hang the stars to shine bright and night does
before the foundation of creation see God was
as it is written in his word because God loves
Revelations and Genesis holiness written
in all pages inspiration from god given
to all ages its the reason why my soul could never die
its the bread of life to all you ask the question why, as it is written

As it is written

[Big J]
I have been hard stress but been hard bless
been put through the test I never settle for less
always confess jesus whereever we go
when we came in 3 we left with 4
Nebcanazeer could never connive who soul is alive
in Christ never dies so we stirve to survive
no flame can scorch the upright as we grab the mic
we mediate on the word day and night
as we seek Yaway not your way
we cut all games and church play
and get back to the Basic situation
from Genesis 1 to the last verse of Revelations
its a trip in his presence how the tide turns
he is the only one that can save your from the fire burn
as it is written is the trith that we better learns
because through repentance of his name is what his blood earned


now as we role tot he 2 G plus 1
your times up with the carnal mind lookin for fun
ya im ticked cause im sick of the luke warm
make a choice serve the flesh or the first born
you take a rap thang way to lightly
in face it aint a game when young soul pains
from eternity in the falmes
well the what you're given
ya we hear you talk but we see how you living
had a talk wit God and he showed me
Devils confess but the really dont know me
[yo could that be you]
they blasphemed my name with pleasure
heart full of liust wickedness their treasure
but let me set it straight as it is written in scripture
the wages of sin is show gonna get it ya
Bro you need to bow while you still got time
John chapter 3 to the 35 line you need to find