Cast To Flames


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Flesh melts, hair fries
Radiation blast, now everyone will die
Babies sleeping in their cribs
Charred black, parents' blood is cooking in their beds
Man plays God's hand
Cauterant shrapnel pieces through unsuspecting heads
Flames rise above sight
Hope for no one, life scorched before your eyes
Imploding bodies
Stench of burning flesh makes you realize you are worthless
You're not worth saving, God left you to die here

I decide your fate
I will cast you to flames
I condemn you to hell

It's just the fascist nature to pray for the weak
Destroying all your dreams
Diseased mass graves
You see decaying bodies, maggots instead of eyes
I see you in my sight, a glimpse into your soul
You're just another victim

My dirty bomb consumes you and flesh melts down your legs
This time you will not escape

I feel the weight on my shoulders, I guess I can't handle the stress
Time to release a travesty on the eternal beast
Look to your lord and you will see
He has placed his control to me

You now realize you brought this all on yourself
All your faith in the wrong time and place it seems
Not about yourself, ignorance, cease to be

In your eyes, I am God
In my eyes, you are gone