Unmercifully Beaten


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Beat and cut, shot and stabbed
just for running into me
ruthless brutal beating
end your life so violently

kicked int he face, punched in the neck
stabbed in the groin, entrails eject
breaking your backbone, crushing your ribcage
snapping your neck, homicidal rampage

face to the sidewalk, teeth in the street
unrecognizable, unmercifully beat
beating you senseless, it's absolute mayhem
blows to the skull, contusing your brainstem
bludgeoned bloody pulp, psychotic beating
massive head trauma, i leave you bleeding
i told you, you fuck, you thought it was funny
you spit in my face, i piss on your body

guts bruised from abdominal blows
cracked ribs, let the blood flow
split skull leaving brains exposed
flesh pierced from compound fractures
legs broken beat with a bat
eyes bleed, gouged by my fingers
cause of death - unmercifully beaten