Autumn Dawning

Unni Wilhelmsen

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Do you know Eve, the mother of all?
She pads around her garden. No neighbours, no walls.
Shes put her with free will. Atleast thats what we`re told.
And if holy men speaks differntly their systems might apploud.

This morning theres a different viuw from her shelter beneeth the trees.
The paler shade of green is new, as far as she can see
And Eve calls Adam, her lover and friend.
The man God gave the key. She calls him again

Barefoot he is walking, with his bedroom look and all
The most handsome man on earth standing tall
-see the leafes, she sais. Convincing their golden lines
-and I was cold last night, hey baby, are you feeling allright?

Adam looks away.
A distant gaze in his eyes.
His cheeks are stale, his lips are dry.
He doesn`t reply

Time passes. Now yellow the trees.
Shes the first woman to ever see the river freeze
Butterflies dies. Birds out of sight.
And he hasn`t held her in his arms the past thirteen nights.

Next morning Eve finds her man
The sun is gone
Her eyes are sore, she is crying
What on earth is going on?

Then Adam speaks, and this were never spoken.
This words never heard since man had awoken.
-I dont.. love you... Anymore. I have to let you go

Fall had never been before
Winter had never stood before their door.
But now, ever so slow, Paradise is covered in snow